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Title         Author         Publisher
The Equinox Vol 1 No's 1-10 Crowley Weiser
The Equinox Vol 3 No 1 Crowley Weiser
The Holy Books of Thelema Crowley Weiser
The Equinox: The Review of Scientific Illuminism Crowley Weiser
Commentaries on the Holy Books and Other Papers Crowley Weiser
Liber Thirty One Achad Weiser
The Book of The Law Centennial Edition Crowley Weiser
The Law Is For All Crowley New Falcon
The Magick of Aleister Crowley DuQuette Weiser
Collected Works of Aleister Crowley Vol's 1-3 Crowley Yogi Publication Society
Konx Om Pax Crowley Teitan Press
Little Essays Toward Truth Crowley New Falcon
8 Lectures on Yoga Crowley New Falcon
The Book of Lies Crowley Weiser
777 And Other Qabalistic Writings Of Aleister Crowley Crowley Weiser
Magick in Theory And Practice: Book 4 Parts 1-4 Crowley Weiser
Magick Without Tears Crowley New Falcon
The Pathworkings of Aleister Crowley Crowley New Falcon
Magickal Diaries of Aleister Crowley Shinner New Falcon
Do What Thou Wilt: A Life of Aleister Crowley Sutin St Martins Press
The Book Of Thoth Crowley US Games Systems
Mirror Of The Soul Ziegler Urania Verlag AG
Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot Duquette Weiser
Goetia Crowley Magickal Childe

Hermetic Golden Dawn
Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition Cicero Llewellyn
The Complete Golden Dawn System Of Magic Hard-bound Expanded Edition Regardie New Falcon
The Golden Dawn 5th Edition Paperback Regardie Llewellyn
Z-5 Secret Teachings of the Golden Dawn Zalewski Llewellyn
The Equinox & Solstice Ceremonies of the Golden Dawn Zalewski Llewellyn
Ritual Magic of the Golden Dawn King Destiny Books
The Golden Dawn (audio) Tapes Series 1,2,3 Regardie Falcon Press

The Zohar in English & Aramaic Vol's 1-23 bar Yochai Kabbalah Centre
Jewish Spirituality Vol 2 Green Crossroad
Kabbalah For The Layman Vol's 1-2 Berg Kabbalah Centre
Parashat Pinchas Berg Kabbalah Centre
Sefer Yetzirah Kaplan Weiser
The Kaballistic Bible Berg Kaballah Publishing
The Mystical Qabalah Fortune Weiser
Cabalistic Dictionary Godwin Llewellyn
The Chicken Qabalah Duquette Weiser
The Tree Of Life Regardie Llewellyn
The Kabbalah Unveiled Mathers Weiser
The Key Of The Mysteries Levi Weiser
Essential Kabbalah Matt Harper Collins
Zohar Scholem Schocken

Eastern Philosophy
Raja Yoga Vivekananda Indigo
The Yoga Bible Brown Walking Stick Press
Bhagavadgita Arnold Dover
The Bhagavadgita As It Is Swami Prabhupada Bhaktivedanta Book Trust
Buddhist Symbols Rinpoche Wisdom Publications
101 Key Ideas Buddhism Thompson NTC Publishing Group
Buddha His Life and Teachings OSHO Bridgewater Book
The Teaching of the Buddha Kyokai Kosaido Printing
What The Buddha Taught Rahula
Tibetan Book of Living And Dying Rinpoche Harper Collins
Feng Shui Taylor & Tann Astrolog Publishing House
Essential Reiki Stein Crossing Press
The Buddhist Tradition in India, China, and Japan de Bary Vintage
The Flame and the Light: Living Truths of Buddhism and the Vedas Fausset The Theosophical Publishing House
Short Description of Gods, Goddesses, and Ritual Objects of Buddhism and Hinduism in Nepal Sakya Handicraft Association of Nepal
Tarot in the Sprit of Zen OSHO St Martins Griffin

Miscellaneous Magick
The Magus Barret Weiser
The Book of Ceremonial Magic Waite University Books
Three Books of Occult Philosophy Agrippa Llewellyn
The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage Mathers Dover
The Middle Pillar Cicero Annotated Edition Regardie Llewellyn
Modern Magick Kraig Llewellyn
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Astrology Gerwick-Brodeur/Lenard Alpha
Through the Gates of Death Fortune Aquarian Press
The Complete Enochian Dictionary Laycock Weiser
Enochian Magic Schueler Llewellyn
John Dee's Five Books of Mystery Peterson Weiser
Magical Alphabets Pennick Weiser
The Magician's Companion Whitcomb Llewellyn
The Tarot Case Macoy
Duncan's Ritual of Freemasonry Duncan McKay
The Consciousness of the Atom Bailey Lucis Publishing
The Circle Within Sylvan Llewellyn
A Dictionary of Angels Davidson Free Press
Encyclopedia of Angels Guiley Facts On File
Encyclopedia of Gods Jordan Facts On File

Illusions Bach Dell
Voyage of the Beagle Darwin Collier
The Descent of Man Darwin Easton Press
The Divine Comedy Dante Collier
The Apology of Socrates, Crito, Phaedo Plato Collier
The Golden Sayings of Epictetus Epictetus Collier
The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius Aurelius Collier
A Brief History of Time Hawking Bantam

Judaic Scripture
RaMBaN's Commentaries on the Torah Vol's 1-5 Nachmanides Shiloh
The Complete Artscroll Siddur Mesorah
The NCSY Bencher Rothman Foundation
Sapirstein Edition RaSHI's Torah Vol's 1-5 Shlomo Yitzhak Mesorah
Stone Edition Chumash Mesorah
Stone Edition TaNaCH Mesorah
Schottenstein Edition Talmud Bavli 13 Vol's Mesorah

Judaic Scriptural Commentaries
Flavius Josephus Josephus Viking Press
The Guide For The Perplexed Maimonides Dover
Aspects of Rabbinic Theology Schecter Jewish Lights Publishing
The Knowing Heart Luzzato Feldheim
The Fifth Commandment Lieber Mesorah
Pirkei Torah Gifter Mesorah
Lubavitcher Rabbi's Memoirs Vol 1 Schneerson Otzar Hachassidim
Toward A Meaningful Life Schneerson Morrow
RaSHI: The Man And His World Shereshevsky Sepher-Hermon Press
Wisdom, Understanding, And Knowledge Boteach Arronson
Selected Lectures of Maimonides Maimonides Yeshivoth Beth Moshe
Amen - The Diary of Rabbi Martin Siegel Siegel World Publishing
Tormented Master - The Life and Spiritual Quest of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav Green Jewish Lights

Judaica Reference
Biblical Literacy Telushkin Morrow
Jewish Literacy Telushkin Morrow
The How To Handbook of Jewish Living Olitzky & Isaacs Ktav Publishing House
The Jewish Book of Why Kolatch Jonathan David Publishers
The Second Jewish Book of Why Kolatch Jonathan David Publishers
Encyclopedia of Jewish Concepts Birnbaum Hebrew Publishing
The Jewish Tradition Argus Communications
To Be A Jew Donin Basic Books Inc
Idiot's Guide to Understanding Judaism Blech Alpha books
Practical Talmud Dictionary Frank United Israel Institutes

Miscellaneous Judaica
Never Again! Kahane Nash Publishing
My Friends, We Were Robbed! Zohar Feldheim Publishers
The Great Madness Hameiri - Freedman Vantage
Our Crowd Birmingham Harper & Row
A History of Jewish Life From Eastern Europe To America Meltzer Aronson
Defenders of the Faith - Inside Ultra Orthodox Jewry Heilman Schoken
Jewish Spiritual Guidance Ochs-Olitzky Jossey - Blass
The Gifts of the Jews Cahill Doubleday
Yiddish Wisdom - Yiddish Chochmah Swarner Chronicles books
The Jewish Woman Koltun Schocken
The Jewish Expression Goldin Bantam
Souls On Fire Wiesel Simon & Schuster
The Golden Master Levin Behrman

Christian Reference
The Gnostic Bible Barnstone and Meyer Shambhala
Don't Know Much About The Bible Davis Eagle Brook Morrow
Deceptions and Myths of the Bible Graham Citadel Press
The Gold of Exodus Blum Simon & Schuster
Noah's Flood Ryan & Pitman Simon & Schuster
Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible Strong Old Time Gospel Hour
The Hidden Book In The Bible Friedman Harper
The Dead Sea Scrolls Wise, Abegg, Cook Harper Collins
The Bible As It Was Kugel Belknap Harvard
Holy Bible - Translated from the Ancient Tongues Fenton Merrimac