The Rabbi Zushi of Anapoli

A short walk from the home of Rabbi Zushi was a town. Located in the town was a small yeshiva brimming with young minds. One evening, in the middle of study, a student approached his teacher with a question about a partucularly difficult Talmud portion. " Rabbi, it says here that we must thank G-d for the bad, as well as for the good things that happen." "Yes..." replied his teacher, "Rabbi, I do not understand. How are we to be expected to thank Him for the bad things?" "This I think is a question we should ask Rabbi Zushi." The class closed their books and began the journey up through the hills and forest to see Rabbi Zushi. Up steep foot hills, the class climbed through a thick forest, path just barely visible. Along a narrow ledge the top of a high cliff. And finally they came upon a broken down little shack. Windows half-broken, the door hardly holding itself to the frame. A small, grey headed man opened the door and gestured for them to enter. "I am so sorry, I have only warm water to offer you, and nothing to eat... but please come in and sit. I only wish I had chairs for you. Now, why do you come to see me today?" "Rabbi Zushi..." soke the student," I read this evening that we should thank G-d for the bad things, as well as for the good things that befall us. Can you tell me why this is so?" "Bad things eh? Bad things... hrmmm....why do you ask me about this. I should know? I do not! Nothing has ever happened to me that is bad.
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