That's Not the Way to Dance! One Simchat Torah eve, the rebbe Menachem-Mendl of Kotzk watched his faithful dance holding the scrolls of the Law. "That's not the way to dance!" he commented, looking angry. To please him, they started over again, this time with more fire. "No", he said, annoyed, "that's not how one dances." After several more failures, the chassidim froze into an attitude of waiting. And the Rebbe exploded: "Imagine yourselves on a mountain peak, on a razors edge, and now; dance, dance I tell you!" He would go on later to say: "Let the heart fly into pieces, let the shoulders come unhinged, let heaven and earth collapse, but man must not stray from his path!" He would liken man to "pharoah" and "Yaacov", as each persevered to the end.