How Do You Walk?
 A man entered a train and took the only seat
available, which happened to be next to a rabbi.
 The rabbi nodded as the man sat down him.
 A few minutes later, the man turned to the rabbi;
 "Rabbi, may I ask you a question concerning G-d?"
 "Ofcourse friend, go ahead" replied the rabbi.
 "I do not understand how G-d can exist, how He
can create everything. Can you explain?"
 The rabbi paused for a moment, and then looked a
the man;
 "I will answer this as best I can, but first may
I ask you a question?"
 He pointed to the shiney name tag on the mans
 "This says you are a doctor, yes? What sort of
medicine do you practice?"
 " I am a neurologist."
 "Good..." said the rabbi;
 "then can you tell me, how do you walk?"
 "How do I walk?" the mas answered back quizzically.
 "Yes, how do you walk..."
 "Well, I put one foot in front of the other..."
 "And how do you do that?" asked the rabbi.
 "Well, I pick up my leg and move it forward, and then
the other, and so forth..." the man replied.
 "And how do you do that?" asked the rabbi again.
 "I cause muscle to contract in my leg in certain
 "And how do you do that?" the rabbi pushed on.
 "I cause my brain to send electrical impulses to the
muscles in my leg."
 Again the rabbi asks;
 "And how do you do that?"
 "I cause chemical stimuli from the left side of my
brain to..."
 The rabbi interrupted;
 "And how do you do all that?
 Silence filled the next few uncomfortable seconds,
until the rabbi spoke again.
 "So you do not know how you walk? You only know
that you can. And so do I not know how G-d exists,
nor do I know how He creates. I only know that He can."

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