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Neal Saenz

Tampa, FL U.S.A

"In the old days there was a person in every town who would light the street lamps with a flame he carried at the end of a long pole. On the street corners, the lamps waited to be lit. Sometimes, however, the lamps were not as easily accessible... there were lamps in forsaken places. Someone had to light even those lamps so that they would fulfill their purpose and light up the paths of others. Today too, someone must be willing to forgo his or her conveniences and reach out to light even those forsaken lamps…" The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory


Welcome to Judaism Resources. An on-going personal project aimed at presenting a comprehensive guide to Judaism on the web. Please come again and take advantage of this work in progress. Please take time to read 'An Open Letter' to your left. It is a letter I sent on 12.22.01 to President Bush, Secretary Powell, Prime Minister Sharon, and Minister Peres regarding the atrocities being committed against Israel and Jews abroad. The links section has been updated as of 8.10.04 and pruned of broken links. Unfortunately I found many wonderful Jewish resources have disappeared from the internet. If you are aware of any Jewish oriented websites that may possibly shut down, please contact me, or have the web master of that website contact me so that I may possibly move the valuable content to this website. Maintaining the open doors of communication and education of everything Jewish is extremely important in preparing the world to receive Moshiach. The links I have received over the past few months I promise I will filter through over the next week and add them to the list. Thanks to all who have submitted links and waited patiently. The links department is categorized for your convenience. These categories include: Synagogues and Organizations, Israel,Jewish Learning, Online News, and others. Jewish Message Boards currently holds only a few links, please feel free to add your favorite using the convenient 'ADD A LINK' feature. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to write, just click on the scroll to your left. If you have a site you feel is appropriate, please send the url. Enjoy, and shalom!
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