The Child Outside

On the night preceding shabbos, the Besht would gather in his home with several other rabbis to study Torah. This particular evening they had been studying quite intensely and fervently. In their study they had forgotten about supper. So they gathered up their money and had decided someone would go into to town to get something to eat. Now the rabbis they bickered and argued amongst themselves as to who would be the one to actually go out into the night and walk to town. Having heard enough, the Besht spoke to the rabbis: "I know of a child outside who will take the money and go into town for us. Let me have the money. I will go outside and fetch him." After sometime had passed and the Besht had not returned, the rabbis realised that the Besht himself had gone to get the food. Upon his return, they questioned him as to why he did not tell them the truth, instead telling them there was a child outside. To this he repsonded: "I tell you it was true... when men grow older, they still retain that child inside of them. But when in the company of men gathered to do men's work, I leave that child outside."