It happened that in a small town during the spring,
a ship had gone down in a violent storm, taking down
with it a valuable cargo of trade goods. Upon hearing
the news of the ship and its cargo, the town messenger
ran to tell the news.
 Now in this town there were two trade merchants, and
they had the same name. But one was a large, wealthy
merchant, and he was known affectionately as "Big Yankl".
The other was a small merchant, making barely enough to
get by, and he was known as "Little Yankl".

 The messenger came and brought the news of the ship to
Little Yankl, who reacted in dismay. "This will ruin
me," he said, and promptly fainted in the middle of the

 Now the messenger ran to get the rabbi, and relayed
to the sinking of the ship and of Little Yankl passing
out in the street. "Go to him in the street," said the
rabbi," and when he regains his strength... tell him
this, 'the ship that sank was not his, but belonged to
Big Yankl.' Go now."

 So the boy did as he was instructed, and found the 
merchant still in the street, and upon his awakening,
told him as the rabbi instructed. Later that afternoon,
news reached the town that the ship did indeed belong
to Big Yankl, and not Little Yankl.

 Everyone in the town came running to the rabbi, shouting;
"prophet" and "seer" and such. The rabbi spoke to the
people gathered before him, "I am not a 'prophet' or a
'seer' as you call me. I do not see things that are unknown.
I only see what is plain to me, to all of us. I knew that
the ship downed could not belong to Little Yankl. He is
not a rich man, and would surely fail and suffer ruin had
his ship gone down, whereas Big Yankl is wealthy, and
can easily shrug off such a loss. Knowing that G-d never
puts before us an obstacle we cannot overcome, I was able
to know."