An open letter to President Bush, Secretary Powell, Prime Minister Sharon, Minister Peres

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George Bush :
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I worry about the apparent growing sympathy for "Palestinians" in "occupied lands" in the Middle East. It seems the world has lost grasp of the situation that Israel is in, and has been in for quite some time. Facts are also being ignored when it comes to specific issues that are extremely relevant when reckoning solutions. While Israel practices restrained defensive actions, terrorists have struck without regard for diplomacy, religious sanctity, nor even basic human decency. While the world decries Israel for removing militant terrorist targets, terrorists are committing murder against innocent civilians. Terrorists have murdered civilians during times of peace, times of war, during diplomatically declared "cease fires", and religious holy periods (Jewish, Christian, AND Islamic).

When terror campaigns are waged against civilian targets, instituted with military precision, military training, and with military objectives, how can anyone think to reason diplomacy with these terrorist leaders? Appeasement has failed over and over to satisfy the military bloodlust of the terrorist mindset. Dare we compare the political bartering today with that of Neville Chamberlains dealings with Adolph Hitler?

State sponsored terrorism has held Israel hostage for over 50 years. And for over 50 years the world has not held accountable any of the sponsoring organizations or states responsible. This lack of accounting has led directly to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives on the streets of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and other cities both inside and outside of Israel. The time has well passed for an end to the murder.

When diplomacy fails to appease the mind of a terrorist, there can be only one choice. For over 50 years diplomacy has failed time and time again. And for over 50 years this failure has brought more innocent casualties, more shattered lives. What more can one expect?

Trading the lives of innocent civilians for the promises of peace, from terrorist organizations that have proven over and over their promises to be empty, is not the practice of civilized people. It only makes those bartering party to murder. To reiterate my previous statement; The time has well passed for an end to the murder.

I address you with a plea for understanding; for the people you serve, for the people you love, for the people you live amongst. Stop the terror campaigns. Stop the destruction of civilized society. Stop the murders. By any means possible it must be brought to an end.

Neal Saenz