Below are the stories I have been fortunate enough to have time to post . Please read and enjoy. If you have any tales or stories you would like to share, please send them to me so I can share them with anyone who will listen to me.

Nothing Bad Happened to the Rabbi
Rabbi Zushi of Anapoli teaches about good and bad.
Father and Son
A Father instructs his son with compassion.
How Do You Walk
A Rabbi and a neurologist talk about G-d.
On The Eve of Shavuot
On faith under pressure.
On the challenges G-d puts before us.
Light Is Sown for the Righteous
R Judah benSimon and the Besht on releasing the light of Torah.
That's Not The Way to Dance
Menachem Mendle of Kotzk on the difficulty of keeping Torah.
To Stop A Thief
The Rebbe comparing punishment and guidance.
So What's the Miracle
Keeping faith in G-d and your rebbe.
Besht and the Boy Who Cried Rooster
A story of understanding and not understanding.
Black on White
Drawing pictures of wisdom.
Rebbe Pinhas of Koretz and Rebbe Raphael of Barshad.
Bringing Forth Sparks
Kabbalah on Torah.
Faith and the Abyss
A tale of Rebbe Barukh of Medzebozh.
Rebbe Naphtali of Ropshitz tells of three encounters.
Do Not Be Sad, The Light Is The Same
Rebbe Barukh and Rebbe Ephraim.
Who Are You?
The Grandfather of Shpole on Fame.
A lesson on anger.
Stay Together
Something for the Jewish community as a whole.
Becoming Friends
Rebbe Barukh on man's relationship with Hashem.
The Wedding
Rebbe Naphtali and the Maggid of Kozhenitz.
The Child Outside
The Besht speaks about maturity.
The Rebbe on leadership