Who are You?

The famous Grandfather of Shpole told the following story:

For years and years I lived the life of a wanderer, in the company of beggars, going from town to town, from village to village. Once we happened to Koretz on Shabbat Eve. So we went to attend services led by Rebbe Pinhas. When the services were over, he greeted every one of us. When it came my turn to shake his hand, he hugged me and said "I know you, I know who you are."

Years later, when I was no longer anonymous, I came to visit Rebbe Pinhas; the Grandfather of Shpole wished to pay his respects to the Tzaddik of Koretz. Again we found ourselves on Shabbat Eve. Again the Rebbe greeted all the strangers. Then came my turn.

He looked at me and said "Who are you, I do not know you, where do you come from?"

The Grandfather would conclude his story by saying: "It is not good to be famous, no, it is not good at all, I am telling you."