The official Palestinian Daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, accuses Israel of stealing Arab body parts for use in Israeli hospitals. The article, translated into English by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), says that Israel defiles the bodies of Arab "martyrs" - those killed in battle with the IDF - and uses the body parts for Israeli patients in need of transplants. These allegations are the latest in a series of false claims made by the Palestinian Authority.

Other examples include the claim that Israel systematically injects Arabs with the AIDS virus. In response to the claim that Israeli helicopters drop poisoned candy to Palestinian school children as part of a "genocide" plan, the IDF spokesman said in May, "It goes without saying that these claims are totally unfounded, and are just another aspect of the wild Palestinian incitement against Israel and another example of PA's lack of credibility."

An Egyptian newspaper, al-Ahram, addresses those “who hold a living conscience in the US or Europe I ask this: Do Palestinians possess an army? The answer is an emphatic no. They are a group of defenseless civilians facing a military machine to be least described as wild and racist.” Not only do they not possess an army, according to the editorial, they cannot “because of the topography of the terrain, engage in a guerrilla war; the easy narrow plains prevent this.” Left with no options and “faced with a heartless enemy,” the Arabs have nothing left to do “except die… But with their death they would wish to throw terror in their occupiers´ hearts. This is the framework in which Palestinian suicide operations must be place and according to which they should be understood.”